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Welcome to my new home! I took this photo my first morning in the apartment before all the boxes and furniture and dust arrived. I can’t get over the gorgeous morning light I am going to get from these windows. My closet is finally getting unpacked ( I missed my fall clothes so much when… View This Post

Reading Roundup 4

Hello, my friends! How I have missed you. I have been bouncing around a bunch in the last couple of weeks (often in places where I have had no internet access!) so it has made posting a little tricky. I promise to fill you in a little more once things have settled down around here. I… View This Post

Hat Attack

I don’t know about you, but I have always been a fan of accessories that give a nod to another era, and there are few that are as effective in transforming a whole look as a hat. They are definitely making a comeback in the last few years; it started with a huge influx of… View This Post