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Springtime Snaps

Every year around this time, I fall back in love with New York City. Despite the freezing temperatures, icy winds and seemingly never-ending grey skies that plague us for months, once the trees and flowers all bloom, we crazy New Yorkers almost pretend like it never happened! We forget all those times we said, “I… View This Post

Spring Accessories Edit

Avigail Adam Fairy Hair Comb When it comes to style, I am a firm believer in purchasing great staples that flatter you instead of throwing yourself into every trend that comes and, with certainty, will go out just as quickly. That allows me to take some more risk and play with accessories to keep things… View This Post

Chic Travels to Charleston

After watching the Kentucky Derby this weekend, my brain as been stuck in all things southern! Maybe it is because I am actually a southern belle ( I was born in Virginia. I was a baby when my family moved to New England, but it still counts, right?) but the history and traditions, charm and… View This Post