Fitness Commitment

When the calendar flipped over into 2017, I felt pulled to make a serious commitment with myself and my fitness for the first time in a long time. I don’t know if it is because I am reaching a big birthday this summer (hello, 30!) but I felt like now was the time to equip myself and take charge of how I felt about my body and my strength.

When I was in college, I was taking dance class (sometimes more than one) every day, which was a lot of cardio as well as strengthening and lengthening my muscles. But once I was in a show full time or auditioning and running around the city, I lost my routine. And man, is it hard to get yourself back into that routine once you break it! And getting back on that training schedule this year took work; but let me tell you, now, my body craves it. I love scheduling my week around my workouts and I look forward to the time I spend in the gym or class, sweating, challenging myself and feeling powerful. Those post-sweat endorphins are no joke. I am sleeping better, getting more done every day, waking up earlier and feeling more bold in my every day life. I can do more with my body than I thought, which pushes me to be just as brave and push myself in my career and relationships. Thats a serious win, if you ask me!

I wanted to share the combination of workouts I have been loving and hope you will share your favorite ways to sweat with me too!

Strength Training 

I have a gym in my building so there was zero excuse to not get my behind in there! I start out with a warm up which is usually five-ten minutes of cardio and then use a foam roller to roll out the super tight areas. I always do some core work to get those muscles activated and then focus on certain muscle groups on different days. For the first time in my life, I am going squats, lunges, tricep dips and more with confidence!

Body By Simone

One of my absolute favorite places I have ever worked out is Body By Simone. They have studios in NYC and LA where their clients dance and tone their way to a long, lean physique! My favorite class is their Full Body; intervals of dancing for cardio bursts to keep your heart rate up, mixed in with strength training to target the upper body, lower body and core. The other class I take (when I am feeling like pushing myself even harder!) is Dance Cardio; 40 minutes of non-stop dancing followed by abs and arms. They use light hand or wrist weights, bands, balls and our own body weight to push your body further than you thought possible. They blast super fun pop tunes, pump you up, and make you feel like you are having a dance party with your best girlfriends instead of forcing yourself into a workout.

And if I can’t make it to the studio, I have their DVD and do the workout on my own in my apartment! Not as fun as class, but a great substitute if I am traveling or if my schedule doesn’t allow it!


I have been a big fan of yoga since I moved to NYC and found myself needing to de-stress and focus my energy in the right place. I love the combination of physical and mental work that both happen in class, and the muscle lengthening and stretching is such an important balance to the strength training that I am doing.

Soul Cycle

Soul Cycle is super new to me, but I am already a little addicted! I was really nervous to try it; I haven’t been a bike rider ever in my life and was nervous that someone may be peeling me off a bike or wiping me up from a puddle on the floor at the end of class! I had a blast and got a killer workout. Another studio where they pump great music, and I love the stadium set up so I can always see myself and my classmates to make sure I am following along and using correct form. And I leave sweaty, pumped and excited about the rest of my day!

I am all about mixing it up to keep my brain and body challenged and trying new things all the time, so please let me know what workouts you love!

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