Closet Organization

I spent most of the day yesterday locked in my apartment (and avoiding the torrential downpours!) moving out my fall/winter clothes to make room for all the colorful summer dresses I plan on living in over the next few months. It may not be super glamorous, but having a closet that is organized, clean and easy to shop makes getting dressed every day so much easier. Most of my personal styling clients have me start our work together by going to their homes and cleaning out their closet. Not only do we go through everything and get rid of the things that no longer fit, flatter or feel like them, but I also really organize everything; and most of my clients say it is transformative to have everything in it’s place and sometimes the first time in their lives that their closet has really made sense.

I thought I would share a couple of systems I use in my own closet to give you some ideas. But most importantly, you need to create a system that works for you. It doesn’t matter how clean it starts out if you know you won’t maintain it on an everyday basis!

As you can see above, I start by organizing everything based on type of clothing. All the dresses together, pants, skirts, hats, bags…you get the drill. Then, each of these sections gets organized further. For example, my dresses are sectioned off into formal and cocktail dresses and then more everyday options. And then dresses are lined up by color within those sections. It makes it so easy to locate any piece of clothing I want and I can really see everything I have so I don’t go seasons without wearing anything because it got lost among the mess. And I follow the same idea for accessories- my bags are lined up by size from the smallest clutch up to the largest totes and shoes are sorted into more every day pairs and special occasion options as well as by heel height.

It is such a simple step (and truly just takes a few hours!) but taking the time to get everything hung up and organized in a way that makes sense to you will make a world of difference in the way you get dressed every morning. No more digging through things you haven’t worn in years! No more searching through piles on the floor of your closet to hunt for that tee you can’t find! And if you can’t imagine facing it alone…send me an email and we can tackle it together!

Have you swapped over your closet for spring yet? Am I over eager and going to regret it? Mother Nature will let me know very soon! Have a great weekend!



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