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On the Road with The Backstage Blonde

Today I would like to introduce you to my friend, fellow blogger and WICKED dresser¬†Teale, who you may know as The Backstage Blonde. If you love theatre, she is someone you absolutely need to know. Her blog is full of interviews with people working in the entertainment business and lots of history and fun tidbits… View This Post

Kitchen Dreams and Must Have’s with BlueStar Cooking

The kitchen has always been my favorite room in the house. Ok yes, partly because it is where all the delicious food is, but mainly because it has always been the place where my family comes together. From when I was a little girl, we shared dinner together every night and it was where some… View This Post

Fall Behind

I have been craving the return of fall that is happening at home in New York City right now, and San Diego is just not cooperating! I peeked through these old photos taken a previous autumn day by my dear (and supremely talented!) friend Dan Pacheco and had to share them with you. You can… View This Post