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Sunshine Dreaming

Every year around February 1st, my body starts craving sunshine and warmth. Which is really not fair considering there is still a long way to go until spring shows her face near New York City! But this year, my sunshine dreams are coming true because the WICKED tour is heading to Ft. Lauderdale for a… View This Post

Beach Ready

I spent a long weekend away recently visiting my family up on Cape Cod and it only added to my itch for spring and summer to arrive! I have had the beach on my mind and it has been serving as a nice motivator. As 2017 began, I set a goal for myself (as silly as… View This Post

Suit Shopping

With many days that look like this in my plan for the summer, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and add another swimsuit to my roster. But this year, I think I am going to break out from my regular bikini habit and pick up a one piece! They are very popular… View This Post